A French brand with minimalist lines

    APC, acronym for Atelier de Production et de Création , has revolutionized the world of fashion by offering minimalist and refined lines. The French brand has managed to make simplicity a real trademark.

    Wool sweater, perfectly cut shirt, basic T-shirt without colorful patterns, the strict cuts go against the show-off. APC minimalism . allows each personality to express itself.

    Production before creation

    Its founder , Jean Touitou, a former fabric producer, strives to respect his line of conduct: timeless, quality production . The most discerning consumers swear by APC

    The lines are pure , the APC brand will begin by producing jeans. She will use silk thread from Egypt to make her famous Japanese raw denim , which will surprise fans of the stonewash.

    Quality and affordable prices , APC is the perfect top-of-the-range combo within reach of the purse, without the fuss of excessive communication and advertising.

    Need help with sizing? This is the APC SIZE GUIDE