A family story

    The Kooples was created by a trio of passionate brothers in 2008. But their love affair with fashion began long before. For the Elichas, childhood is bathed in fashion with stories of fabrics and buttons. Jean Paul Gaultier squats in the kitchen to talk about rags and finishes with the brothers' mother.

    Between 1990 and 1997, the parents were in charge of the denim license for the JPG brand , before launching Comptoir des Cotonniers in 1995.

    Diversity and gender at the heart of the collections

    The collections at The Kooples are imbued with an androgynous style . Borrowing her boyfriend's shirt and vice versa. Advertising campaigns feature heterosexual and homosexual couples .

    The Kooples is the desire to dress the couple with an assumed rock touch, which can be found on many pieces, in particular with the motif of the skull which has become a real sign of identification of the brand.

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