Circular Clothing Paris is an online second-hand fashion sales platform based in Paris, bringing together the best second-hand clothing sellers in France.

We bring together a community of professionals passionate about second-hand buying and selling.

On this market, you can sell your best second-hand & vintage & upcycled women 's pieces to our community of customers.

On Circular Clothing, you can:

👉 Sell second-hand, vintage & upcycled women's clothing & accessories

👉 Have your own customizable e-store (logo, store address, description of your store)

👉 Create traffic in your stores by activating the withdrawal of orders in store and make yourself known online

👉 Benefit from our seller protection

👉 Benefit from Circular Clothing visibility. We communicate for you free of charge : press, newsletter, Instagram, advertising.

👉 Benefit from our always available customer service

👉 Take part in our events

🔗 List your parts

Sell ​​your parts via our platform: add description, price and photos of the item.
We take care of the rest !

🔗 Sell fast

Take advantage of the free communication made on our e-shop and our customer base to quickly sell your parts.
Once your piece is sold, we just have to ship it or return it to the customer in your shop, both delivery options free of charge!

🔗 Receive your payment

We automatically transfer the money from the sale to your bank account.

Ready to revolutionize second-hand fashion with us? We ca n't wait to discover your nuggets on our site!

All you have to do is fill out this questionnaire.

Our team will create your seller space within 48 hours!

Posting is free

Without commitment or subscription! You can upload as many coins as you want for free. We process the clipping of your images to guarantee the highlighting of your parts.

We deduct 20% on commission on sales

We take care of issuing slips, logistical follow-up, bank charges, insurance, and all customer service for you!

You can sell second-hand, vintage & upcycling women 's clothing & accessories.

Real and beautiful ! Customers on Circular Clothing Paris are lovers of beautiful things, of delicate pieces that are as beautiful as they are timeless . They wish to find the crème de la crème online: beautiful materials , beautiful details , beautiful cuts and very good condition .

They are looking for an eco-responsible alternative to trends.

Golden rule: In order to guarantee our users a guarantee of quality when they buy on Circular Clothing, pieces from fast-fashion brands (such as Zara, H&M, etc.) are not accepted on the platform. The team checks according to the advertisements published and can delete your pieces at any time if they do not comply with this guarantee of quality that we promise to our customers.

Consult our golden rules to sell quickly.

To highlight your treasures and maximize your sales , the description must be precise and accurate. It is important to allow the client to project herself, without ever adding to it.

🔗 Title : clear and concise containing brand, product type, short description, size, color and condition

🔗 Description : describe the item in detail, give its composition, its dimensions, mention the signs of wear if there are any so as not to create disappointment for customers and avoid returns

🔗 Good price : this is a price that reflects both the condition and the value of the item

🔗 Beautiful photos : add at least 3 to 4 photos for each of your pieces (photo front, back, range, default). Do not hesitate to take pictures of them from several angles, both worn and on a hanger. We will crop the first photo so we prefer the photos to be taken against a white background: the more attractive and bright the photos the faster the pieces will sell!

Eg: APC High Waisted Jeans model Sailor Blue S/36 Excellent condition | Composition: 100% cotton made in Portugal | Straight cut and high waisted, this timeless piece can be worn on any occasion.

In addition, here are all the possible categorization elements :

👉 The brand

👉 The nature of the garment: DRESS, JEANS, COAT...

👉 Size: XS/32 -> XXL/44

👉 Condition: New with tag, New, Excellent condition, Good condition

👉 Color

👉 Material: Leather, wool, suede, satin...

👉 Price Range

👉 Membership

We have created tutorial videos for you to show you how to add products to our platform: consult our dedicated page

We have created tutorial videos for you to personalize your sales area: consult our dedicated page

If you sell the same items on several platforms, ask us to be extremely vigilant on the management of your stocks and that the prices are equal or lower on Circular Clothing Paris. As soon as a piece is sold on another platform, be sure to update the stock immediately on Circular Clothing Paris!

Here is what we have put in place to avoid inventory errors that harm the image of all sellers on the platform:

🔗 When adding a product, you can enter the product barcode to help you inventory

🔗 You receive an order confirmation email with each order

🔗 You can deactivate your products when you take a break from activity

Any order cancellation due to poor updating of stocks results in a restriction of access to the platform or a permanent exclusion from the platform .

In the event of a stock error, contact us at

There is no time limit. Your product remains online until you sell it on the site or remove it from sale .

Discounts and promotions are fully supported by Circular Clothing Paris. We always calculate your commission on the pre-discount price.