Robe courte fermeture portefeuille de la marque SÉZANE pour femme de taille M/38 de couleur Rouge, Imprimé en vente en ligne sur Circular Clothing Paris
Short dress with wrap closure Red M/38

Short dress with wrap closure Red M/38


Women's short wrap dress by SÉZANE, color Red, print, size M/38.

Lightly embossed fabric with sequins, short sleeves, red underdress lining


Condition: Our pieces are unique. They have been carefully sourced to guarantee quality and authenticity. Being second-hand, this piece considered in "Excellent condition" is in excellent general condition and may have slight defects of use (no degradation of the material, no smell, no hole, no tear, no 'oxidation).

Sign of wear: none

Material: Silk
Silk is a light, soft and delicate material. It is a natural, biodegradable and renewable material. However, like all intensive crops, the breeding of silkworms (sericulture) has a negative ecological impact. Before purchasing silk pieces, it is essential to find out about the production method and the eco-labels. The second hand thus remains the preferred solution for the purchase of silk clothing.

Maintenance advice: Silk is a fragile material, which requires rigorous maintenance. Hand washing is recommended, air drying without exposing it, ironing at very low temperature. It is advisable to refer to the washing instructions on the label.

Green impact: second hand = 0% production impact. By favoring second-hand purchases for this part, 10,000 L of water are saved! 🌊

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